My name is Cole.
I make things. Like this website.
I'm a full stack developer with a passion for problem solving
and a love for game development and design.

Games I've Worked On

(And other things not detailed above)

  • Unity3D/2D Editor Use
  • Knowledge of application programming languages (C#, Java, Dart, C)
  • Xbox Console Development
  • Mobile Development
  • Microsoft Playfab, Dedicated Servers, Realtime Matchmaking, In-Game Economy
  • Knowledge of Photon Fusion and Pun
  • Knowledge of Mirror and UNET
  • Knowledge of Blender (Modelling, Texturing, Animation)
  • Web Development (Node JS, NGINX, Flutter, Firebase)
  • Experience with API Integration (Inquire for more info/examples)
  • Creation of projects from start to finish solo
  • Creation of projects from start to finish in groups
  • Knowledge of Adobe Suite (Premiere, Photoshop, Audition, etc.)